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The growing range of models and versions, multiple-brand strategy, internationalisation, and price pressure, as well as the ever stronger integration among automobile manufacturers present a challenge to companies’ organization and IT landscapes – for medium-sized car dealers and service businesses in particular.

it.automotive retail is to your business what power steering and GPS are to your automobile

With it.automotive retail, we offer car dealers and service companies a tried and tested auto industry software solution based on SAP automotive ERP service software. This ensures optimum control of every process from vehicle sales, replacement part sales, service orders, workshop control, supply chain and warehouse logistics, through to administration including financial accounting, controlling, and payroll.

Together we will master the demands of your industry.

With it.automotive reail:

  • you speed up implementation of this industry solution for car dealers and service companies, thus making direct savings in two key respects: time and money
  • we deliver a high quality industry solution that’s been tried and tested on the market
  • you are provided with fully integrated business transactions
  • you can implement project management tailored to medium-sized businesses

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